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If you want to remove image background, sometimes we didn’t know about free site so download apps to remove image background. Due to this our time also waste also memory storage  also full. Due to more apps in phone our phone not work properly and work in slow. For this problem solution we can remove image background without download app in online free site. Such 13 free site I telling you following. 


This is my favorite site for to remove image background. You can easily upload image on this. After uploaded automatically removed image background. So try it once. 


Number two site is you can put easily image from your computer or mobile and do process. It very nice technology to remove image background. 


Bgrem.deelvin is also use to remove image.this is also good process to removes image background. But somtime it’s take slow uploading process but nice you try. 


This is use for to remove video, gif, move background easily. With help this sit you can easily remove you video background and it change background as u like. This is super technology to remove videos background easily. 


This site is like as  magic. Means you just upload image easily and see magic. Automatically will instant remove your image background like  magic. So you should be try once. 


With the help  of use this app you can remove image background. It’s do work slowly. But work  well. Try once. 


Go on google and insert this site.with the help of this site you easily remove background and also cut unwanted parta imge manually. Very nice application to use remove image background easily. 


This site is also completely free to remove image background. Nice online tech is use to remove image background. Onley go on google and search photoscissors. After search you will see this site. Go on this site and upload your to remove your background image. 


With help of this application you can easily remove your images background to go dynamic look in your background. Try it’s once. 


Search on google will this site

Click on this site and upload your image from computer. After uploaded image automatically will remove your image background and in you will get nice results so go on forward. Keep try once. 


You can use this site by simple upload your image and remove your image background. 


This sit is like as removebg site.simple upload your image ane remove your background. 

13) is very easy to use remove of background image easily. Simple upload your image on this site. It’s work automatically remove background of your image.nice site to use online background of image. Easy to use. Try it’s once

I hope you will like this alll site to use remove background of image. So yo should try Without download any application in your phone. 


six most beautiful places in pauni (Maharashtra) and nearby pauni for picnics.

 Let’s first introduce about pauni. Pauni is a big town and it’s situated in bank of an Wainganga river. Pauni is 90 km away from nagpur to east direction and 45 km from bhandara district in South direction. Many beautiful.natural,gorgeous and picnic places are in pauni and near by pauni. So let’s see..

1) buddha stupa

From pauni 1 km there is village name sindpuri. In sindpuri there is huge stupa of Lord Gautam Buddha situated bank of vainganga river.this most beautiful and natural place for picnic and to keep your mind calm. Every  year there is organised big fair.on this fair come Buddhist From other countries like as chin, Japan, Thilond. You can go here to spend most beautiful time to your family. 

2) Gose Damp (indira sagar prakalp) 

Second most beautiful place is gose damp. Gose damp is also known as “indira sangar gose khurdh prakalp”.this place is 10 km away from pauni. In this place, there is most beautiful natural place around this. There are 33 door to this damp. You can prepared food here for your family picnic. This damp is situated on vainganga river. This damp is in list of top ten national damp of Maharashtra. This also most beautiful place for family picnics and couples. 

3) Vaijeshwar ghat

This is  3rd gorgeous beautiful and devotional places in pauni. This place is situated in bank of Wainganga River.near this place many temple are situated on bank of Wainganga river so this place is also called “kashi of vidharb”.this place is famous for OSSIFICATION. Many devotees come from long distance come here for ossifiction to give peace to soul. And do worship of pind by do there bath. 

4) dongar mahadeo korambhi

Forth most beautiful, natural and devotional place is dongar mahadeo korambhi. This place is 4 km away from pauni. This is dongar gadh of Lord mahadev. Lakh of devotees come here on every mahashivratri and bring wishes for there beautiful life. Also many family comes here and do ‘navas’ and prepare blessing food. 

So visit one here on mahashivratri to complete your wish..

5) Rawanwadi

Fifth most beautiful and natural place is rawanwadi. This place is 25 km away from. Pauni and 20 km away  from bhandara. This place is best for your family vacations. This is natural place and also big lake present here for boating. For your living here guest house and also hotel restaurant is available. So visit once here to spend most beautiful time here with your family. 

6) Umred karandla Abhyarnya

This is most famous place for to see wilds animals. Here is  big and very dense forest. In this forest, there is many wilds animlas are present here. This is place 20 km away from pauni. This is very fomous national park in nagpur district. So many great and big people have been visited there like as sachin Tendulkar, nana if  you want to see wild animals mostly tigers and other then visit once here. Family restaurant and and guesthouse also available. 

 7)  Fort, chandika mata temple, panchmukhi ganesh ji, shahid smarak. 

Next last and 7 th most beautiful devotional and natural places are present here in pauni. Like fort, chandika mata temple, panchmukhi ganesh ji and shahid smarak. Most them is most famous chandika mata temple is most famous for marriage. Her do marriage boy or girl by there own choice by giving bless fromm chandika mata. This places are in pauni so visit once here. 

I hope you will like this all places. So visit here once for your beautiful life. 

Thank you❤🌹🙏

six things that make you happy..

1) Don’t compare

If want to live happy in our life then don’t  do comparison with other person. Sometimes if others person bought any new car then you also feel  why can i buy new car. This is Very fools thinking. Because his salary already more than you thet why should you think about him. He is better in his  place and you also better in your place. So don’t compare with others person. We are enough in our place. 

2) Don’t be greedy in everything

What’s happen, we are happy already in our life. Enough things already near and that makes happy but  some time if more money stored us we got greedy like already have tv and well working but due to the greedy of we buy new another that greedy we make more greedy in everything. We didn’t get satisfaction due the greedy. There not satisfaction there is no happiness. 

3) Find happiness in small small thing

Sometimes we do work supposed if we are drinking tea then why we drink normally. We drink as do shurka.. We get more fun. During lunch, dinner time  we can talk with our foood product. Like “hey you laddu i will eat you wholl now”.sit with whole family during lunch or dinner. If are eating ice cream there also we can don enjoy. I such way  wa can find more happiness in small small things. 

4) don’t do overthinking

 If you are student Or employee and you shall have complete any assignment in given time. At that time we do more think about that so do  more think . Take it easily. Think this is all easy. I can make now easily. Don’t be stress on mind otherwise mone effect on your body. Leta me tell you everything easy I allo over the happy without stress to get more happiness. 

5) Earn enough money for our daily life. 

In our daily life for daily needed we should earn enough money for that. If you not earn more money then then you can’t buy things that you want and you will feel sad and stress and that cause unhappy. So money is also essential for our daily needs but not for everything. 

6) meditation

Do daily meditation for our mental strength and concentration. Thats make your day happy and Stresness..